Golfing with my son in November

Yesterday, my 5-yr old son, Logan, and my step-father-in-law, Jerry, and I went to play golf … in November!  Being in the hign-60’s, it was just TOO nice of a day to not take advantage of it.  Logan really has a  surprisingly good tee-shot.  He made it on the green with one tee-shot and chipped one in from 15-ft away in the rough!  Pretty stinking amazing for a kid that doesn’t get to play too much.  We were playing out at Rivercut.  I think it’s a well kept secret that Rivercut has a short 4-hole, chip-n-putt course next to the main 18-hole course.  Most golfers can see the short course from the 3rd hole on the main course, but don’t realize what it is.  All you need to play is a wedge and a putter, but having a lob-wedge will help the ball stop on the hard greens a little better.  Each of the holes are par 3 (I think) and about 50-75 yards in length.  The tee-box and green is turf, but the rest of the field is grass.    The best part is that it’s free!  It’s a fantastic place to practice and let kids learn.  Jerry and I were able to just watch Logan and help him with his mechanics.  We didn’t have anyone in front of or behind of us, so we played through a second round.  It was such a great experience.  We played a few balls at a time on each hole, so there was a lot of practice time.   Now Logan is ready to go back real soon.  So am I.


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