Passed My Microsoft Certification Exam!

Today, I passed my first Microsoft Certification exam, MCTS exam 70-433!  With this certification, I am a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for SQL Server 2008 Database Development.

Getting a MS cert has always been something that I always wanted to achieve, but I never thought I would have the time to study.  Well I signed up back in April and just knew that if I didn’t just do it, I probably never would.  I had a great book to read from.  It included an application that simulated the exam with practice tests.  I took quite a few of the practice tests before the exam day and never could pass one, so needless to say, I was very nervous.

Once I was in the exam room, things seemed to get easier as I loosened up.  The questions were hard and quite a few were rather tricky.  Luckily, there was a review later checkbox at the top of each question that allowed me to go back after the test and review the ones that I was feeling unsure about.  That was the real key to passing, I think.  I went back through every question and re-read each word to make sure that I was fully understanding the question.  Honestly, I was able to change a few of my answers because of it.

All in all, I would definitely do it again.  In fact, I am already thinking about my next cert.  But I think I’ll take the summer off to relax before I dive into that study mode again.


The Book of Red Gate

I’m a pretty big fan of RedGate.  I use a few of their products almost religiously.  Their SQL Compare product is probably the most used tool in my toolbox.  I follow their blogs & evangelists, regularly consume their free eBooks, and generally admire the company as a whole.  Their “Ingeniously Simple” mantra is really what keeps me coming back.  I even started to apply for a job there once.  However, the small requirement to live in England killed it for me.  So it’s no surprise that I would read The Book of Red Gate.

It’s not so much a book, as it’s a compilation of all things that RedGate represents and the day-to-day nuances that is RedGate.  It’s also the quickest 76 pages that I’ve ever read.  All in all, it’s a fun short book that is an insight to what goes on around the RedGate campus.

You can download a pdf version of the eBook here.