Who am I?

I am a professional software developer and database administrator with over ten years experience who specializes in .NET, SQL Server, XML, Crystal Reports, & Reporting Services. My focus is building client-server, data-centric WPF/WinForm applications with strong reporting solutions. Located in Springfield, Missouri, I have been married for seven years to a girl far more beautiful than I deserve and blessed with four wonderful children.

What can I do?

Design, develop, and implement custom applications in Windows environments. I can integrate a new part to an existing system, or build a completly new system from scratch. I can write reports, or rewrite poorly performing existing reports. In the near future, I hope to offer full website development.

The expertise I offer:

  • Agile, Object-Oriented application development
  • Database design, performance optimization, and high availability
  • Report writing and application integration

The technology I use:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, & XAML)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

What have I done?

My career

My career started in a CAD specialization shop doing customization for manufacturing companies. From there, I went on to working at a local hospital where I provided reporting and application development. After the hospital, I went to work for a Fortune 15 software vendor in the healthcare field. While there, I contributed to JCAHO & CMS regulation changes, wrote a Decision Support System, managed an offshore group of developers, upgraded all reporting integration methods, and wrote numerous custom apps/reports for clients. After that, I wanted out of the large coporate environment. So, I started comuting to an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing software company in the insurance industry. While there I worked on their web application and database. However, losing 2 hours a day commuting was just too unproductive. I came back to Springfield to work at a heavy duty trucking software vendor, where I provided software development and database administration expertise.  After 2 1/2 years, I was approached by the world’s largest online travel agency to come do Database Development for them.  Definitely, a good decision as I have thoroughly enjoyed making the switch to strictly database development. The shear volume of data that moves through their databases is staggering.  My skill-set has improved tenfold since I started and I learn something new everyday.

My business

I started my business, Hutson Software, LLC, in the spring of 2007. I wanted to have a way to release from the daily grind of a job and create applications that I felt would be beneficial. I started by creating a utility application to do a side-by-side comparison of Crystal Report files. After that, I wrote a data layer code generation tool to help me create my data access layer of code. Last year, I got my first client when my wife opened a hair salon. She asked me to create a website for her business. With the success of the website, she asked for a program to track all of her client info, finances, and scheduling. Since then, I have had a couple of clients come to me for various solutions. So the future is bright for Hutson Software, LLC.

Feel free to view my detailed profile and experience on LinkedIn.

Visit the Projects and Portfolio pages to learn more about some of the work I have done.

What do people say?

“Adam enjoys working within the software industry and has acquired knowledge and experience across a wide variety of programming languages. His awareness in the software business allows him stay up to date with the newest technologies. Adam has proven to be an asset to the Database team at Karmak as well as continuing his duties developing in Crystal, Reporting Services and .NET. His work is timely and methodical.”

“Adam is a very good engineer that always completed his work on time and with high quality. He is also a very good communicator that engages with and interacts well with customers. I often observed Adam while dealing with some of our most demanding customers during the beta process and he was always prepared, always willing to help, and always professional. Customers and co-workers alike seem to enjoy working with him on projects since he produced quality products and was also easy to work with.”

“Working with Adam previously, he successfully led the technical aspects of a large Crystal Reports conversion project. He proved to be highly skilled with Crystal Reports and his efforts helped the in-house component complete as well as his mentoring of the offshore team members. I would recommend Adam for any technical reporting work.”

“I worked with Adam on one of the most difficult projects of my career with one of the most difficult teams I had ever worked with. Adam’s “can-do” attitude was refreshing. Adam never said “no” to any design challenge. He always tackled every issue with an open mind and great feedback. Adam is an excellent software engineer and a pleasure to work with.”

“I have worked with Adam a great deal. We worked together at McKesson where he helped to mentor me as a software engineer. He is a dedicated worker with a great personality that I believe is an invaluable asset. I recommended him at Duck Creek when he applied. He was a great asset for this company too. Adam would be a wonderful addition to any company.”

“Adam is an very strong and talented Software Engineer. His design and development work are very thorough and detailed. He has a great teamwork mindset and is very willing to help others. Adam is exceptionally strong in the areas of database development and Crystal reporting. I highly recommend Adam for any software development position.”