What makes up a good blog?

In starting this blog, I have to ask, What amount and kind of content makes up good blog?  My goal is for it to define me as a familyman, and professional.  It should be about what interests me.  That being technology, family, books, & thoughts.  I believe that it should reflect the balance in life in which I do all of those things.  For me, about 50% of my time is consumed by technology, 30% is enjoying family, and remaining 20% is split evenly between books & thoughts.  Hopefully, my content will be worthy of following.  Let me know if I need to include something else, or add/remove anything as I’m sure this will be a rough draft for content composition.


Personal Branding

Personal branding is a new concept that I’ve just recently discovered.  The idea is that your professional and personal lives are interconnected.  Meaning that what you do after work is just as important as what you do during work.  This new blog is the first step of many to brand myself.  I am really excited about this new self-packaging approach.  Hopefully, it will give a better perspective of what goes on in my whole life, what drives me, what I’m thinking about, and where I’m going.  The whole picture can be viewed through this blog, and my personal Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.  Happy reading!