New addition to the family

It’s been entirely too long since my last post.  The last time I posted I had just started my new job and was blogging about the experience and silly setup reminders for myself.  It’s been about 9 months and I am still loving Expedia!  I have a great management team supporting me.  And they like to have fun; the company held an off-site in Las Vegas, at the Palazzo for three days.  It really is the most challenging and rewarding position I’ve had in my career.  However, outside of work, I’ve had a lot going on, to say the least.

In January, we welcomed our 4th child into our family.  She has been keeping us all very busy.  Now that she’s 7 weeks old now, she is just starting to smile and coo a bit.  I just wanted to share a quick picture of one of those rare moments that her face just lit up.

Besides the birth, we recently listed our home for sale.  It’s surprisingly difficult to fit a family of six into a three bedroom house.  We’ve also discovered that having four children causes you to outgrow vehicles as well.  🙂  Guess I’ll be shopping for a large SUV soon (or maybe a short bus, HA).

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also been finishing up about a year long contract for some Business Intelligence software for a company in the SW US.  With an extra 15-20 hours / week, it will be a needed relief to have it finalized.  It’s a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) front end, C# middle, connecting to SQL Server database warehouse.  I have to say I’ve really enjoyed developing WPF over Windows Forms.  Working with XAML, the development cycle went very quickly.

Looking to the future, I have to admit, I’ve already got my next project lined up.  I’m going online for this one and tackling the MVC pattern.  Stay tuned.  It should be a fun experience as I’m going to try to adopt the 37signals way of simple design.  Their REWORK book has been bouncing around my head for a while now and I’d like to start a new project with it in mind.


Playing in the leaves at the Nature Center

Today, I got to go play in the fall leaves with my family out at the Nature Center.  What a great day! We are still having awesome weather and the leaves are perfect right now.  We even got to actually watch them fall from the trees.  The kids ate it up!  It was Suzanne’s idea to go take them out.  In the past years, we never needed to go somewhere to experience leaves.  In our old house, we could just look out the windows and see all of the 50-yr old trees in our neighborhood in full color.  But our new house is in an area of newer homes, so there’s not any established trees to enjoy.  That’s one of the main things that I really miss about the old house.  Oh well, my kids are still getting to experience the fantastic fall leaves of the Ozarks.  Thanks to my wife’s resourcefulness.

Golfing with my son in November

Yesterday, my 5-yr old son, Logan, and my step-father-in-law, Jerry, and I went to play golf … in November!  Being in the hign-60’s, it was just TOO nice of a day to not take advantage of it.  Logan really has a  surprisingly good tee-shot.  He made it on the green with one tee-shot and chipped one in from 15-ft away in the rough!  Pretty stinking amazing for a kid that doesn’t get to play too much.  We were playing out at Rivercut.  I think it’s a well kept secret that Rivercut has a short 4-hole, chip-n-putt course next to the main 18-hole course.  Most golfers can see the short course from the 3rd hole on the main course, but don’t realize what it is.  All you need to play is a wedge and a putter, but having a lob-wedge will help the ball stop on the hard greens a little better.  Each of the holes are par 3 (I think) and about 50-75 yards in length.  The tee-box and green is turf, but the rest of the field is grass.    The best part is that it’s free!  It’s a fantastic place to practice and let kids learn.  Jerry and I were able to just watch Logan and help him with his mechanics.  We didn’t have anyone in front of or behind of us, so we played through a second round.  It was such a great experience.  We played a few balls at a time on each hole, so there was a lot of practice time.   Now Logan is ready to go back real soon.  So am I.