The Book Of Red Gate

I’m a pretty big fan of RedGate. I use a few of their products almost religiously. Their SQL Compare product is probably the most used tool in my toolbox. I follow their blogs & evangelists, regularly consume their free eBooks, and generally admire the company as a whole. Their “Ingeniously Simple” mantra is really what keeps me coming back. I even started to apply for a job there once. However, the small requirement to live in England killed it for me. So it’s no surprise that I would read The Book of Red Gate.

It’s not so much a book, as it’s a compilation of all things that RedGate represents and the day-to-day nuances that is RedGate. It’s also the quickest 76 pages that I’ve ever read. All in all, it’s a fun short book that is an insight to what goes on around the RedGate campus.

You can download a pdf version of the eBook here.