Too Many Todos And Not Enough Dones

I love taking on new projects, and I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person. If there is something that needs to be done around the house, I don’t hire it out, I do it myself. It’s not just physical stuff, either. That DIY mentality applies to everything in my life … doing taxes, starting businesses, writing websites/software, & designing logos. I really try to tackle all of these things myself.

However, as of lately, I’ve been feeling stretched really thin; too thin, actually. My "To Do" list hasn’t been getting items moved over to the "Done" side very quickly. Two of the bigger items on that list have been a pair of websites, my personal website and my wife’s business website, that both need similar functionality. I’ve written both from scratch and included a lot of really cool features on both. But the features are always taking me more & more time to add which is taking away from being able to get anything else done. The biggest feature is a blog engine. Now I know there are a ton of free blogging services out there, but I was really enjoying writing my own and figuring out all the nuances. And it has been a really fun challenge. But I need to let them go.

So I am deciding to change my focus a bit and give up control of having to do everything myself. That means that I will be transitioning both of the websites over to WordPress. It’ll cost a little bit more money than what it currently does, but the opportunity cost of being able to work on other things will far outweigh cost of switching over. Plus I’ll have more time to actually write content for the blog instead of the piping for it. And my wife will absolutely love the WordPress app for her iPhone. That alone should be the biggest reason to move.

With this change I will be losing some of my pride of creativity and accomplishment, but honestly, I’ll get those back with my next project. Move two more "To Dos" over to the "Done" column.